A paranormal erotic romance novel. Meet the supernatural masters of passion and seduction, feeding upon the erotic dreams and pleasure of humankind.

     Kye is an incubus warrior, a powerful sexual demon. But he wears deep scars, proving that his kind are not the only monsters feeding upon humans each night. There are bloodthirsty creatures hunting down Kye's winged brothers and sisters, destroying them one by one, in an effort to eradicate his entire species.
     The succubus queen ruling Kye's covey, now has only two bonded males to protect and keep her fed. It is a duty that usually requires half a dozen or more. Now Kye finds himself slowly starving to death. In his weakened condition, he is no match for the ambush which nearly costs his life and forces him to reveal himself to Jaime.
     Jaime is a nurse who shares an apartment with two other girls, all blind to the supernatural war taking place in the shadows around them. When an enormous, naked man stumbles out of the darkness and commandeers her vehicle, her biggest concern is the amount of blood loss he's suffered. She wasn't prepared for such a deep and intense attraction. He inspires her to make choices she might otherwise have not. Choices which place Jaime, her roommates, and everyone around her, directly into the path of the killers hunting down Kye's covey.

Please note: This book is intended for readers 18 years and older, there is strong language and explicit sexual encounters. As the legends suggest, both incubus and succubus demons feed upon sexual energy stolen from sleeping humans. While this might suggest questionable consent, they are actually very generous and considerate lovers.
Celeste Hall's Seduction series:
#1 Ethan
#2 Kye
#3 Rico
#4 Gavin
#5 All The Queen's Men
#6 The Brothers Sin
The Seduction Series Boxed set: The first five erotic stories in one collection!

An erotic tale featuring: Incubus, Succubus, Sex demon, Demon lover, Supernatural lover, Alpha Male, Demon mate, Incubus hunter, Romantic adventure, Romantic suspense

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